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Freestanding Electric Fencing

Safeguard have once again partnered with the international leaders in electric fencing and officially represent STAFIX and JVA in Zimbabwe.

Safeguard are able to offer different types of fencing to secure almost any application:

  • Wall top
  • Panel protection
  • Free standing
  • Security
  • Livestock
  • Game


The Safeguard freestanding fence has been designed to enable the fence to carry out three functions.

  • Security
  • Domestic livestock
  • Game


Are constructed using 75mm x 2mm diameter STEEL pipe which has been electro galvanised to increase the life of the fence supported by 38mm stay supports. Corner posts are placed at every change in direction, each side of a gate or within every 100meters.
The corner post is set in concrete 700mm underground.
The corner post system is key to the long term durability of a free standing fence and no shortcuts may be taken in this area.


Y section2.4m STEEL standards are used to support 18 fence wires. The standards are placed no more than 4 meters apart depending on ground conditions. The standards are impacted into the ground.
The standards are fitted with UV stable clip on non reversible insulators which increases the level of security for the fence. Replacement insulators may easily be re clipped on.


Galvanised high strain wire either 2mm or 2.36mm depending on availability.


Galvanised ratchet tensioners are used to tension each wire. The ratchet tensioners also allow for easy maintance and re-tensioning of the fence.


The insulators that support the wires and insulate the electric fence wires from earth are and extremely important part of the fence, if inferior insulators are used future cracking, sparking and shorting will render the fence ineffective. We are fully aware that may other installers use RECYCLED plastic insulators which although cheap now after a year in our harsh climate crack and need replacing. Free standing fences use thousands of insulators so the cost of replacement is high.
Safeguard ONLY use insulators and strainers manufactured using VIRGIN UV stabilised plastic to ensure the longlivity of your fence long past the 12 month guarantee.


Free standing fences are large and attract lightning. A triple stage lightning diverter and earth stakes every 100m are installed to deter the chances of lightning damage.


Big fences require big and reliable Energisers. The energiser is required to work 24hrs a day 365 days a year and that's why Safeguard used either the STAFIX or JVA energiser range of energisers. Both have a proven track record and are SABS and IEC standards approved. Local alternatives are available at a lower cost but performance is not guaranteed.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing


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