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Xpanda Trellis Doors

Safeguard have represented XPANDA in Zimbabwe for over 15 years. The Xpanda product range of security products has been tried and tested under local conditions and has an extremely good track record.

The most common doors are:

  • The Saftidor
  • Fit any size openings.
  • May lock any side
  • They fit on the inside of doors and windows
  • Epoxy coated for long life
  • Folds up to 15% of open size
  • Double hinges

The Multiguard- High Security

  • Custom made to fit each application
  • Supporting tracks top bottom and sides
  • Folds to 1/5 of open size
  • Slam lock optional
  • Epoxy coated for long life
  • Available in a variety of colors

Saftidor Xpanda

A versatile high security trellis door that is easily operated without a track, yet provides a steel barrier of security.

The Saftidor is fully retractable and able to swing away.

The Saftidor is available in a wide range of stock sizes that can be fitted to the inside or outside of most doors.

The Saftidor's versatility can be carried across and used in all door and window applications.
two-pin slamlock.

Saftidor Xpanda

A-Rated insurance approved trellisdoor.

The ultimate in commercial and domestic security with solid brass rivets and solid steel construction for ultimate strength.

The Multiguard uses a super secure slamlock for quick protection and is easily operated under all conditions.

The entire product is galvanised and epoxy-coated for corrosion protection and is available in a wide range of attractive colours.
SAIA Approved.


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