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Alarm Systems

I can not arm the system?

1. Check that all zones are closed
If the indicator for a zone remains on after you have closed up then you may have a zone fault and you will have to bypass this zone before arming (see bypassing in your user manual)
2. Check that you have the right code
If you do not enter the right code the system will not arm

When I arm the system to go away the siren sounds before I can get out.

1. The exit delay may be too short- call safeguard to come and reprogram the time delay for you.
2. You are not following the right path on exit. Zones are programmed to follow you out when you leave. If you walk out a different way the alarm will go off.

The siren sounds before I can disarm at the keypad.

1. You have entered by the wrong door, or have not followed the programmed path from entrance to keypad
2. The entry delay time is too short. Call safeguard to attend and reprogram the delay

My Alarm dies completely only a few hours after a power cut

Your battery back up is faulty.
1. Your battery is no good
Replace the battery and fit with a battery cut out switch. The cut out will prevent the battery from being drained completely during a power cut. This will enhance battery life.
2. Your charging system is faulty and the battery is not getting charged when the power is on.
Consider replacing the battery with a better quality battery for longer life (cheap is not always the best option!) and also look at power alternatives to ZESA- solar or inverters.



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